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Revenue Model and Early Sales Traction

List price of USD $50,000 per unit plus $5k annual licensing fee.

Initial estimates are 41,600 units for North America and Europe markets for a USD$2B opportunity.

Pay per use model reduces barrier to buying 

Exclusive Agreement with GE Healthcare - 42% global market share in cardiac ultrasound - currently being rolled out.

Ventripoint's Breakthrough Heart Diagnostics has Capability to Help Millions of Lives by Producing Metrics Equal to $4m MRI Machine for Only $50k

It's been de-risked - 10 years and $30M spent in product development, regulatory market approvals in hand and sales to key major hospitals - approved for sale in USA, EU, Canada and China

What used to require 60 - 120 minutes of being motionless in an MRI machine now takes just 5 minutes lying on a bed, with full movement allowed in an open room.

Children and the elderly can now get life saving heart diagnostics done without sedatives.

Results are available immediately instead of 1 to 2 days.

Scan and analysis can be done in 1 appointment. Diagnosis by MRI can take 3 appointments and take months when time is of the essence.

Ventripoint's VMS+ 3.0 uses existing Cardiac Ultrasound equipment and uses patented AI algorithms to turn a 2D image into a 3D model with cardiac measurements equivalent to MRI.

How It Works

Ventripoint is led by Dr. George Adams.  World renowned scientist, innovator, entrepreneur and venture financier. He's spent 40 years developing and commercializing medical discoveries. 

Technologies developed and commercialized by Adams have been implanted or used to improve the lives of over 300 million people in the last 35 years. 

World Renowned Leadership

Exit Opportunities

Ventripoint will be of interest for acquisition once it supports 80 to 100 installed sites. Growing sales, recurring revenues and 80% margins are attractive.

Potential buyers would be Philips, Siemens, GE and Samsung.

With a $50M market cap, debt free and cash to fund operations for 3 years, rapid sales growth and/or buy out should provide an attractive ROI for investors.

Sales growth and installations

Product improvements

Merger and acquisition news

Key Recent Placements

Glenfield Hospital - UK

Erasmus-Sophia University Medical Center - The Netherlands

King's College  Hospital - London, UK

Peter Munk Cardiac Centre - Toronto, Canada

The Hospital for Sick Children - Toronto, Canada

MD Anderson Cancer Center - Houston, TX

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Near Term Attractive ROI For Investors (Especially Important For Ones Affected By Heart Disease)

Near Term Attractive ROI For Investors (Especially Important For Ones Affected By Heart Disease)

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